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Rick Lodie Geelens 2016

Composer and Author, Rick Lodie Geelens (Lodie) was born in Heerlen, a town in the South of Limburg a province in The Netherlands, and he lives in Maastricht, about 15 miles of his hometown.

A point of interest; Lodie, being the versatile person that he is, studied the finer points of the Dutch Law, which enables him to give legal advice, for free, to anyone who asks for help on legal matters.

Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Instruments, Produced and Arranged: Rick Lodie Geelens.
E.Lead Guitar on “Going to Nashville & Stick to your Plan”: Thomas Geelens.

All songs are recorded with simple and outdated equipment, just for fun.

PC : PentiumII Year 1997
Platform : Windows 98 SE Year 1999
Soundcard : Soundblaster Gold Year 1997
Sequenser : Cakewalk 9.3 Year 2000
Sound-editor : Mixcraft 4 Year 2009
Microphone : AKG Year 1990
Loudspeakers : SounBlaster Year 2010

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